Three Treasures, exclusive to the Blake Society

The Tie

Our limited edition Blake Tie!

This exuberant and joyous handmade silk tie has been specially commissioned for the Blake Society, and shows one of William Blake’s most iconic images, that of Albion Rose (also known as Glad Day).

56 inches long, with a maximum width of 3.75 inches.

Recommended donation £35 (postage & packing included).

The Map

Blake’s City of Golgonooza: ‘The Spiritual Four Fold London Eternal’ – linked to ‘Jerusalem’ and the entire British Isles. Golgonooza depicts the mythic City of Imagination, envisioned by Los the Creator, channelled through William Blake, and drawn and described in our representation by artist Andrea McLean and writer Henry Eliot.

Double-sided, one side showing a design of Jerusalem, the obverse with the Vale of Felpham and aspects of the Four Zoas. Either folded (with four folds!) 6 x 6 inches, or unfolded 24 x 24 inches.

This artist’s Golgonooza Map is available in 3 variations:
1) A hand-signed, limited edition, numbered 1 to 10, unfolded (highly suitable for framing) and including additional annotations by the artist, unique to each map. Accompanied with a certificate of authenticity, signed and dated by the artist, with her fascinating hand-illuminated resumé.
Suggested donation £250 (postage & packing included), sent by special delivery, in a protective cardboard tube,.
2) A hand-signed limited edition, numbered 11 to 100, unfolded and including additionally one unique annotation by the artist and her resumé, as above.
Suggested donation £25 (postage & packing included), sent in a protective cardboard tube.
3) The printed map – either folded or unfolded.
Suggested donation £15 (postage and packing included).

Andrea McLean is currently a tutor at the Royal Drawing School. She trained at the Slade School of Art and the British School in Rome. Her famed circular painting Mappa Mundi is on permanent display in the British Library and she is a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

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